$ 95.00

Brand Sweet Pea Boutique

Odin is in diamond weave with an anacardo weft.

Never in the beginning of my babywearing journey did I imagine I would one day get to create a wrap from scratch. From the depths of mind and heart, to hours using Excel (since I have no clue how to use art programs or weavers programs) to a company to the loom and into the hands of other babywearers!!! Odin was a carefully measured out creation that used specific RGB color settings to get as close as possible to the true Girasol yarn colors and each line measured to the 1/8" and I am ecstatic that it came out exactly how I imagined it would.

Odin is not just stripes that I liked; it represents my journey with my 3 little boys, all delivered via cesarean, all in a 4 year time span with the last ending in a catastrophic uterine rupture, followed by serious PPD (well also my pregnancies were pretty weighed down with clinical depression as well).
It is my journey of constantly trying to find that perfect rainbow in the storm but never being able to have things come together the way they should have through all my pregnancies and birthing experiences, and postpartum struggles. That is why there are spaces in the rainbow lines. You'll notice the top rail is the a rainbow pattern starting backwards toward a gray line in the middle (this is where I almost gave up, things got very dark for me), and then I start back up, but still the rainbow is constantly interrupted with what would seem to be cloud and stormy sky colors then toward the end you see no more storm colors but also not a true rainbow either...but you see consistent colors blending into each other. That is MY rainbow. It may not be beautiful, but it's mine and I learned to stop trying to make it perfect and just get through the storms of life.
I chose a light brown as the weft color, because I truly love brown, it is an underrated color of so many beautiful things...soil, chocolate, coffee, wood...etc, and because sometimes life isn't pretty. It is gritty, and dirty, and if you have 3 little babies it can be down right poopy some days. (great beater wrap to drag the tails in the mud!)
On an appeal note, I was hoping that those who are looking for a more "manly" or "boyish" wrap will appreciate this design, as well as some babywearing dads who might want to sport a rainbow type design without the bright colors.
It is called "Odin" after my last born son, George Odin. (no one wanted a wrap named "George" LOL") and Odin to me, as a name, represents great strength in the chaos.

Description and story written and owned by Christine Caycee Miller. 


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