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$ 150.00

Brand Sweet Pea Boutique

Ruthy has a herringbone weave.

Alzheimers is a disease that affects memory and the patients cognitive ability. Alzheimers follows its own progression and no patient will have the same experience. 10% of the proceeds from this wrap will be donated to Alzheimers research. Even know research will not save family members currently suffering from Alzheimers Sweet Pea hopes to help make sure other families do not suffer the same fate. 

My story with Alzheimers is complicated. My grandmother and mother both have suffered the disease. It is something I may one day face as well. My mother was diagnosed at the age of 62 right before I became pregnant with my third child. We were told to expect a slow progression but unfortunately that was not the case. My mother was placed in a nursing home soon after the birth of my fourth child. It was the hardest call my family has ever had to make but we made the heartbreaking decision that health and safety was more important then our feelings. This disease took a nurse, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a friend to many. My mother lives her days forgotten to no one but remembering nothing.  This wrap is in honer of my mother (Ruth) and the many people just like her. This wrap is to honor the families that watch their love ones slip away and continue to love them. Even if this wrap brings attention to one person who does not know or understand this disease then Sweet Pea has done what it has set out to do with this wrap. Thank you for reading my story and for continually being a support for my business! Thank you to Foxy Wovens for putting my dreams into a reality. 

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